My Books

An introduction to the books I’ve written for kids.

Scary Chills Series

Monster in the Closet

This was the first book in the Scary Chills library. Who hasn’t thought they heard a monster in the attic or under the bed? I can still remember keeping a leery eye on the closet door after I watched a scary movie.

Your parents come in and show you nothing is in there. Then they leave and you know you hear a sound. You’ll love this one.


Haunted Attic

I came up with this one when I was lying in bed one night and the house was making those creaky sounds. I remember one evening hearing some mice in the walls. I eliminated them.

Many moons ago my daughter dashed down the stairs from her attic room, followed by a bat. It had somehow got into the rafters.

So I’m listening to these sounds and the idea for this book popped into my mind.


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