Henry Rubble

Henry Rubble is a 13 year old kid. He seems like your average 13 year old who has problems. His dad is a highly skilled security officer whose on a new assignment to head security for a visit by the President of the United States.

What Henry doesn’t realize is he has a special power. He has no idea what it is or even that he has it. He also doesn’t have a clue that he’s going to learn about a strange fictional world that can pose a huge threat to the country and the world.

Other than that he’s a normal 13 year old. Well, except he doesn’t think things are as they appear with regards to his father’s death and a subsequent break in at their house.

And he takes it upon himself to find someone to help him prove his suspicions are right.

Book 1 introduces you to Henry. You learn who he is and a little about the fictional world but this book deals mostly in the real world. Book 2, which is in progress, takes you to this fantasy world and its danger.

Something’s Not Right (Henry Rubble)

A thriller for the young audience.

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