meI have written and published over a dozen books in the horror field. Originally most of the books were intended for the adult reader due to some language and scenes. Young adults began reading them as well and I have received numerous emails asking me to write scary books for kids.

That’s what the Scary Chills books are about. Here are some questions I’ve been asked at various times, just in case you want to know more about me. 🙂

Q: Why do you write scary stories?

A: Since I was a kid I loved being frightened. I still remember a popular host here in Ohio who called himself Ghoulardi. He would show scary B movies and would entertain on his own because the movies kinda sucked. But some of the scenes would make us spill our  popcorn.

Q: Do you like writing scary stories for kids or adults more?

A: I like writing for both but the stories for kids are more fun to write. Kids just like to be entertained. Many adults want everything that might pop up in a story to be explained. For example, if you use a portal hole to another world an adult might complain that could never be. Kids are open to it and it makes it more fun to create scary moments. The reality is many adults are now reading the scary stories written for kids because they can be more entertaining.

Q: Dis the Goosebumps series influence you?

A: Yep. It allowed me to see that you can write some pretty scary stuff and kids would love it. I worried at first about maybe a story being too scary for the younger audience. Fat chance. Some of the Goosebumps story had me shaking. 🙂 I hope mine do the same for you.

Q: Do you have any inspirations for your writings?

A: Monster in the Closet and Haunted Attic came from remembering lying in bed hearing noises. I’m writing one now about sled riding that is inspired by sled riding with my grandson. He also inspires me as he comes up with things he’d like to read about.

Q: Do you enjoy kids? I mean really enjoy them or just like writing for them?

A: My 9 year old grandson is my best friend. I’ve got 12 years experience coaching youth sports. Some people call me a kid magnet as kids always seem to like me, probably because I’m a kid at heart. So the answer is a definite Yes. By the way, my grandson helped me design this site.

Q: Tell me about the Harry Rubble books.

A: At this moment book 2 is in the final stages before publication. Henry is a 13 year old kid who experiences a lot of terrible things in his life. Book 1 introduces us to a parallel world but is basically a mystery thriller dealing with the real world. Book 2 will be over the top. It’s pure fantasy.

Q: Any other Scary Chills books in the works?

A: The sled riding book I mentioned. I have some other ideas but they’re still on the drawing table. I hope to put out 2 – 3 more books in this series this year.


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