Diary of a Wimpy Kid

wizbunI love to see the versatility in the stories read by kids. Goosebumps books at the library are worn from being read so much and now I’m seeing the same thing happen with other books such as the diary books.

Reading a wide range of books gives you an open mind. You’re not limited to just one subject area.

I remember when I was a kid (now that’s a good memory). I loved reading scary books. There weren’t many written for kids but I read them anyway. Now you know why I write in that genre.

But I also read comic books. Sure wish I had saved them. Superman and Batman were my favorites. Sorry but I don’t have any super hero books I can think of writing.

My grandson is reading my books and Goosebumps as well as the diary series. He just read a book about stinky and a zombie or something on that order. His reading level is increasing dramatically. It had been a area of concern.

Devour lots of books. Not just scary ones. I’m working on a series of books that are not in the scary realm (Henry Rubble is fantasy, particularly the 2nd book that will be out soon). I decided to do so because of all I just told you.


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